CALARY C9 Rockered Inline Skate - White or Blue highlights

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New to skating? Been skating for years? Want to try something new? 
Grab a pair of C9 skates from Sk8 Shop and have a blast! 

We don't know where to start, they have so much to offer! 
  • Hard Shell outer boot - keeps your feel secure in the boot and provides a solid transfer of energy through to the wheels 
  • Comfortable removable inner boot (like a snowboard boot)
  • Dual ratchet straps to keep you locked in and comfortable
  • Solid cast frame to keep you moving
What exactly is a rockered skate you ask?

A rockered skate is an inline skate that has either, it's front and rear wheels raised or it's front and rear wheels 2mm smaller than the middle two wheels. This allows the skate to 'rock' back and forth a very small amount and provide the rider with an amazing turning ability. 

Rockered skates are the pick of the bunch for slalom skaters and often street skaters. 
Come in and try on some rockered skates today!