Powerslide Bronx Pro - Inline

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The Powerslide Bronx Pro brings a classic freeskate style with a slalom wheel setup. What is slalom skating you ask? 
Slalom skating places the skater on a flat surface facing small 'traffic cones' placed approx. 1m apart. The skater then skates between the cones performing different tricks. 

To perform these tricks, the inline skate is setup with the front and rear wheels raised a few millimetres above the centre two wheels. This allows the skate to 'rock' and turn sharply while retaining grip. 

One benefit of the Bronx Pro is that if you want to use the skate as a freestyle skate and skate on the street or rink, you can simply change the front and rear wheels to be the same size as the middle wheels and you have a 'flat' track.