Powerslide Silver/Green SneekerSkate Plate

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SneekrSkate is a new rollerskate plate specially designed for sneakers.
Traditional rollerskate plates are too narrow to work well with sneakers and their soft outsoles. That is why they are typicly used with boots that offer stiff outsoles and often look like iceskating boots.
SneekrSkate plates offer you the possibility to give your skates a unique look by using your favorite soft soled sneakers without compromising functionality.
With their unique full contact plates SneekrSkates perfectly transmit your steering inputs to your trucks without loosing your input power to a bending outsole of your sneaker.
Another special feature of the SneekrSkate plate are the wide skateboard trucks that offer a very special steering feel while streetskating. Together with the full contact plate the wide trucks offer a very stable stance.
The uniquely surefooted stance make SneekrSkates a delight for park skating. Whereas regular rollerskates are hard to grind, Sneekrskates are designed for grinding lips like skateboarders do.
Sneekrskates see themselves as rollerskates with a skateboard vibe to them…